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If you want to take better selfies, the E-PL8 is for you. Simply flip down the monitor to easily capture next-level selfies that cannot be taken with a smartphone. Also, with selfie movies you can communicate a richer message.


 Amazon India ₹76,387.30 Black Body with 14-42mm IIR Black Lens
Amazon USA $599.00 Black Body with 14-42mm IIR Black Lens
Olympus USA $399.00 Black Body Only

With the E-PL8 you never have to worry about selfies turning out poorly even in backlit or night scenes. The camera automatically detects the scene for shooting, so each and every shot results in a beautiful selfie.

Classic design 

The PEN E-PL8 has a refined design. This camera is almost like an accessory on its own. Its simple, sophisticated design is something you will never grow out of.


1)Mode dial    2)Shutter button    3)ON/OFF button   4)Control dial   5)Strap hole   6)Lens mounting mark   7)Mount   8)Hot shoe cover   9)Stereo microphone   10)Self-timer lamp/AF illuminator   11)Lens-release button   12)Lens locking pin

Image quality like DSLR

The powerful image stabilisation makes it easy to shoot photos of nightscapes and of dimly lit settings. You can capture sharp, vivid, beautiful photos.The large lens and sensor make it possible to create beautiful background bokeh to make your subjects stand out.Simply change the lens to one of the below to achieve even more beautiful DSLR-quality bokeh.

Shooting Video

Not only is the E-PL8 packed with great features for photos, but it also is equipped with many features for shooting fantastic movies. Using just the camera, easily record and edit movies that will entertain viewers.


Simply press the shutter button and iAUTO automatically selects the optimal Scene Mode setting for the scene you are shooting and releases the shutter. With iAuto, anyone can take beautiful photos.

Live Composite lets you capture impressive trails of light. Multiple shots are taken with only the parts of the image which change in brightness being composited, resulting in a beautiful photo where the dark areas remain dark and the bright areas do not get blown out. You can confirm the progress of your shot on the monitor as you are recording.

FAST AF provides high-speed auto-focusing on your subject simply by touching the monitor in the area you want to focus on. And maximum 8.5 fps high-speed sequential shooting lets you shoot consecutive shots of a subject in motion.

Micro Four Thirds interchangeable lens system camera with live MOS sensor and 16 million pixels.

Built-in 3-axis (yaw/pitch/roll) sensor-shift image stabilisation for still photos.

3.0-inch tilting electrostatic capacitance type touch panel with Approx.1037k dots (3:2).


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