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How to choose your right camera

When looking for a DSLR, you should know that prices start from as low to as high. While from the outside, the cameras appear similar, there is a lot of difference hidden from the naked eye.Objects perform the function of taking light from the lens and diverting it to the viewfinder. Entry level DSLRs come with Pentamirrors while mid to high-level DSLRs use Pentaprisms. A pentamirror is a set of plastic or glass mirrors. It’s lightweight but offer poorer image quality with low brightness levels and is not very long lasting. Pentaprisms, on the other hand, are a single piece of glass that delivers superior image quality and higher brightness. If you are a newbie photographer or videographer the decision of buying your very first DSLR can be pretty tough.Thankfully the good thing is we have some great DSLR and almost every price range and different needs. However there are some things you should consider before getting a DSLR.We are going to point out some really that you should consider before buying a DSLR. First of all a DSLR for you depend on what you will be use it for. If you buying a DSLR seven point you have to consider.

If you buying a DSLR for photography you have to make sure features various camera mode like HDR, portrait, night etc, along with built in flash and image editing feauters. If you Buying a DSLR for Videography you need to consider a couple of feature that is the resolution it should sat and frame rate speed. Higher frame rate speed result in video that are lot more smother. So this will have to consider for your camera.

Sensor Size

Sensor size is one of the most important part while buying a DSLR.It is simple really larger the sensor more details it will capture and picture will be clear.There are various different sensor sizes but three most popular sensor size is Full Frame, APS-C,Four Thirds. The full frame sensor offers the best clarity along with some great dynamic range.As the name suggest with the full frame sensor you have no crop fractor. So what you see through the viewfinder is what you shot.However full frame sensor generally befit the photographer. Next up APS-C format and most use it entry level DSLR and mid range camera in Nikon and Canon.This sensor sizes gives you 1.6 crop and provide the perfect balance between price and image quality.This sensor size are optimum both photographer and videographer. Then the micro four third used Olympus and Panasonic cameras. This Sensor sizes offers 2X crop and uses 4:3 image aspect ratio. Which makes it more suitable for videographer and cameras with offer more video resolution. Things are up to you. If you need better photo then you should go for full frame sensor .If you want better videos you should go for Four Third sensor.If you want both then you should chose APS-C sensor.


The next thing to consider while buying a DSLR is the body of a DSLR. While most Camera look pretty similar. You need to make sure which camera is perfect for you. You should checked dedicated microphones and HDMI port and number of custom button are offered.Also we have suggest you to go with camera that have an LCD touch screen display.Because it just make thing easier. And you can check out if a DSLR has flipping display or not. Because it comes in really handy.Both Canon and Nikon offered touch display most of there budgeted cameras. But there are exception so make sure you checked. Other than that you will get used to the button.No matter which camera brand you go.


Lenses are very important when it comes to the quality of a camera.So you need to make sure that a DSLR brand you are choosing that good selection of lenses. Actually Nikon, Canon and Sony three most popular brand out there have needfully good selection of lenses. However Nikon lenses are set to be more affordable compare to Canon and Sony.Also all these Camera brands offer a kit lenses of around 18-55 mm zoom lens. However if you are on a budget you should go for a cheap body and invest in a zoom as well as prime lens. So you covered all the fronts.


The megapixels count is important but not as important as you might thing. More Megapixel don’t necessarily mean better photos. 8 MP photos are good enough for large prints and even entry level DSLR come with 15-16 MP. To be honest any DSLR that you buy today will have more than enough MP. So you don’t take the MP into account.

Future Proof

DSLR don’t coming very cheap. So you need to make sure that the new DSLR you are buying is future proof at least of few years.Unless you plan great very soon.Honestly if you are in a budget you should be good enough with most Nikon and Canon Cameras.But you should look in to go professional and you planning to invest in one time you should go camera with a full frame sensor for photography or go for cameras with 4k support if you are into videography.

Mirrorless or DSLR

Mirroless cameras are on the rise.If you are not wrong if are thinking you should go for DSLR or Mirroless camera.Well mirrorless camera have certain advantages. They are certainly more portable as mirroless camera are smaller and lighter.Then there is a factor mirroless cameras are way ahead when it comes to high speed shooting.Also mirroless offer better video capture with faster auto focus and the electronic view finder on this cameras are preferred by many.However we still suggest you go with a DSLR. Because for DSLR there are huge variety of lenses and while mirroless camera has lenses to there are few and very expensive. Some people are preferred more natural and lacked free optical viewfinder in DSLR. Also the battery life of DSLR is much better.


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